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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 14, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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it's turned out that way. >> steve: this is really the exact game we expected. it's not how we expected to get to this point. >> brian: looks like a first down -- >> steve: i got a chain link there, pal. >> brian: okay. maybe two. >> steve: for the sake of argument, we'll call it third and one. >> brian: if it were me, i'm going to give it to the best player on your offense tonight, that's zack moss. and i'm going to run right be hind their best offensive lineman, the left guard. 320 pounds. >> steve: and what's the next play you're call, because you know it's four-down territory. >> todd: what do you say, levy, take a shot
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even the aggressive play-caller that i am, would not take a shot deep down the field here. third and one. give it to moss. that was a slow developing handoff. looked like williams was thinking about maybe pulling that back out of his belly. >> brian: i don't like the zone read in short yardage situations, because you force the quarterback to make a decision and any indecision in the back's mind slows them down from getting to the line of scrimmage. i just like turn around, handing it to him on a power play and letting him go. >> steve: fourth down. they're going to bring the sticks out. and this is not necessarily the ball game, with utah still having all three time-outs left. >> brian: correct. >> steve: still big nonetheless.
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>> brian: yeah, he lost yardage. you know, we have not seen any of this speed option from troy williams, but i know that's in the attack, he's not the dynamic runner that tyler huntley is, but sometimes in fourth down situations, defenses are so backed inside, they're vulnerable on the outside. >> steve: how about sneak? williams off the play fake. rolling to his right, has a man wide open! it's his tight end down inside the 5 yard line. >> brian: what a play call fro
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you mentioned it. they all get wadded up on fourth and short and you get out there and i know, as a quarterback, you got him wide open on the outside. and you make him pay. >> steve: the senior from salt lake city -- that might be his first catch of the season. >> brian: wow. what a great play call. >> steve: down to the 2. on first and goal. here's williams. he'll be short. second and goal. clock winding. >> brian: if i'm utah, i'm letting as much clock come off as possible. i don't want to leave any time on the clock. unlike the fourth and short, where i doesn't like the zone read, down here, i do like the zone read, because you get the numbers with the quarterback run, and troy wilam
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it in just as easily as moss can. >> steve: red zone has been an issue for utah all season long. this is second and goal from the 1 -- let's see. before the snap -- zeros on the play clock. they get the time-out? they did. >> referee: utah has taken its first time-out of the half. 30-second time-out. >> steve: 46 seconds left. we'll say regulation time now. utah down seven. at the six-inch line when we come back. [ all ] bees! [ all ] bees! the volkswagen atlas. with easy-access 3rd row. life's as big as you make it. wendy's new chicken tenders are perfectly crispy and tender.
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>> steve: back just in time. from the six-inch line. utah trying to tie. there's the quarterback, williams. hops in. touchdown, utes. we are an extra point away from a tie game. >> brian: what a drive. >> steve: let me ask you this. crazy talk for a second. would you ever consider going for two in this spot? with the way usc has moved the football, up and down the field at will in this se
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it, yeah, absolutely. and i think kyle whittingham is considering it also because their offense is still on the field. >> steve: so, not that crazy. >> brian: no, you're smart. >> todd: he specifically asked for the left hash, too. >> brian: you're right. everything to do with his defense. >> steve: this might be winning or losing time, right here, with 42 seconds left. >> brian: they've got simpkins in the backfield. remember, simpkins was the one that threw the touchdown pass back to williams in the first half. >> steve: and mccormick in the backfield, as well. so, with those two guys in the backfield, i guarantee you, clay helton and clancy pendergast say, let's use our last time-out. those two guys are speed guys, which tells them perimeter play. might change up their defense.
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the problem is that they've -- the cat's out of the bag, with respect to similarsimpkins. they know he can throw it now. >> steve: simpkins threw for a touchdown and caught a touchdown. that's when utah was scoring. late in the second quarter. >> brian: so, troy taylor has changed up now, he took similar p kins out and mccormick out and he's got moss in the backfield. >> steve: what a decision by kyle whittingham. here's williams. trying to get there for the lead, he'll come up short. he'll be stopped. harris forced the issue for the trojans.
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so, williams comes up short and utah might be short, as well. down a point. with 42 seconds left. for all the talk of the offense for usc, it's the defense that holds. >> brian: he had a chance. they wanted to run a throwback to the tight end. well covered by sc, and credit to harris for coming up and making that play. his eyes were down. he had carrington in the back of the end zone. if he would have kept his eyes up, he could have flipped it to him for the conversion, but he never kept his eyes up. and for that reason, sc comes up with the stop. >> steve: onside kick is coming. utah still has two time-outs left. >> brian: here's carrington. he
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zone. watch as williams flushes, he's wide open. >> steve: oh, my. >> brian: if he keeps his eyes upfield, he would have had the conversion. that's going to be one that troy williams will be haunted by. >> steve: i still like the decision. >> brian: i agree. >> steve: i still like the coaching decision to go for two there. >> brian: with the way it's gone in the second half, i completely agree with you. >> steve: mish wishnowsky. will go for the onside kick. will not get the bounce that he wanted. sc had the hands team and we've seen tyler vaughns hands all night. >> brian: you have to give credit, too, to kyle whittingham for making that call. that's incredibly difficult has a head coach, in this environment, on the road against this team, to make that call, to go for two and -- >> steve: he'll be
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about this. >> brian: he will, he knows that, but to still have the guts to make the call. what a game they played tonight. troy williams was outstanding. zack moss, i give my game ball to him. unbelievable effort on the road. >> steve: 42 seconds left on the clock. two time counts still left for utah. darnold will run around there and kill some clock. >> brian: at the end of the day, right, it's those three long touchdown drives in the second half for sc offensively. one drive, it was all darnold making plays. extending plays. next drive, it was the offensive line of ronald jones. it was a team effort, a team win tonight for clay helton's team. >> steve: just five seconds came off the clock there. so impressed, too, by utah, who could have
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touchdown drive themselves, to put them in position to win. >> brian: yep. >> steve: they could have folded up after usc moved up and down the field, erased their big lead, but they did not. what a ball game this has been tonight here in los angeles. >> brian: back and forth. unbelievable game. and how about the way sam darnold responded after the way he started the game, three turnovers? was -- got a little glimpse into the heart and the guts and the grit of number 14 for usc. >> steve: last time-out there for utah. >> brian: so, now sc goes on the road. notre dame, right? and notre dame, nobody's talking about notre dame, but they're creeping around, you know, six, seven in the country and notre dame's got, you know, players galo galore. that's going to be a whale of a ball game next week. but if they can get through that, look at what sc has on the rest of their
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to get to santa clara and potentially meet up with the huskies of washington. >> steve: pac-12 dramatically changing, i think, after last night's events. third and 19 here. and the clock will wind. and that will do it. what a ball game here tonight. brk awesome. >> steve: and i mean, these players will feel the effects of this game into next week. >> brian: cam smith, the linebacker for sc, and zack m s moss, those two guys, they gave us a treat tonight. that was fun to watch. >> steve: it was all utah early. tough times for sam darnold, a first half he would like to forget. and in the
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and leads his team to a victory. he's standing by with todd mcshay. >> todd: thank you, steve. look at this game, the first hatch, the offensive struggles and then second half, it clicks, 21 points. what was the difference, man? >> i think we just got rolling. we found a rhythm and, you know, just -- it felt good to get a rhythm. and, you know, to be on the same page with the receivers, the o-line was on the same page and, you know, that's what happens, you know? we're a great team. we believe we are. and when we're on the same page, when we don't beat ourselves, we're hard to stop. >> todd: how big was your defense tonight? >> oh, my gosh. the defense was huge. we couldn't be in the position we're in today, getting that win without our defense. appreciate it, bro. but it's a great team win. we'll look at the film, get better, as well. >> todd: congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve: i think todd and sam really covered that all. you talk about the offense, the great drives and yet with all the great drives in the end, it was still the defense of the trojans that had to make the play to save the game.
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the first half, too, they played excellent defense. this is a game when clay helton looks at the film, so many areas for improvement. the first half offensively, but so many good things to build on, the heart and the passion and the fight in this team in the second half was impressive. >> steve: we like night games, huh? games are better at night. final score, southern cal defeats utah 28-27 in a thriller. tonight's game was produced by bill bonn nel and directed by derek mobley. next week, state college. big ten battle. michigan and penn state with chris, herbie and maria. for brian griese and todd mcshay, i'm steve levy. let's go to the ford wrapup and cassidy hubbarth. >> usc avoids the upset, but week seven was not short of shockers. the crazy got started early, too, with two top ten teams going down last night. and the carnage at the top carried over to today. to the s.e.c., with
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auburn. fourth quarter, fourth and ten. auburn down four. last chance. and jarrett stidham sacked. lsu gets the win in death  valley. now, while auburn was knocked off by lsu, the two other s.e.c. teams in the top ten cruised to blow out victories. top ranked alabama won 41-9 over arkansas, while number four georgia beat missouri 53-28. so, one and four win easy, but miami was sweating in the fourth. daryl langham makes the crazy catch to keep miami alive. and miami would kick a field goal for the win and to improve to 5-0 for the first time since 2013. now, no issues for number six tcu, who withstood multiple weather delays in a 26-6 win over kansas state. and number seven wisconsin also stayed unbeaten with a 17-9 win against purdue. meanwhile, j.t. barrett looking like 2014 j.t. recently. big name at nebraska, leading eight scoring drives on their first eight
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threw for five. he completed passes to ten different receivers and accounted for almost 400 total yards in the win. we will see yet another upset this weekend? pac-12 after dark continues. go check out number five washington, trailing arizona state 10-0, currently in the second quarter over on espn. and after the u-dub game goes final, it's "sportscenter" at night. herbie will discuss alabama's dominance, and how about the walkoff history in houston? thanks for watching the ford wrapup, presented by the new 2018 ford escape. also unstoppable. i want you to take it easy. go slow. ♪ come on mom! ♪ let's go! ♪
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for the ones who keep pushing. always unstoppable.
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned.
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i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. >> abc 7 news at 11:00 starts with breaking news. kimberly: a shooting on the campus of virginia state university, gunfire ringing out during homecoming tonight. the police say one man was shot and taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. officers believe this was an isolated incident and there is no further threat on campus. stay with abc seven news for updates on this developing story. princeeaking tonight, in george's county, another shooting, blocks away from the university of maryland campus. q mccray is live from college park. what have you learned in the last hour? q:
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kim, i spoke with the prince george's county police and they confirmed two people are injured and both are umd students. only 7500ng happened block of rhode island avenue. we are at the corner of rhode island and howard avenue. most of the homes here are occupied by students. we are told the shooting, according to the police come happened about 8:30 tonight, when one student was shot for stop he was rushed to the hospital and released come expected to be ok. the second student was assaulted, beaten, also rushed to the hospital and released and will be ok. as far as we know now, the police are searching for one or two suspects. they do not have a description to give us. as for the motive for the shooting, that is still being
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students who live nearby say they would not be surprised if this was drug-related, because that has been the case in the past. we will give you the details as we get them. that's the latest live from college park. q mccray, abc 7 news. kimberly: q, thanks. d.c. police are looking for a robber posing as a police officer. an incident happened overnight in northwest come and tim barber has more in with the victim is telling detectives, a story that you will see only on 7. officers drived around and marked cruisers like this, but in this case the victim told the detectives the suspect drove off in a black dodge charger. the police report shows the robber posing as a police officer, telling his victim to stop, i'll make up, don't move, before flashing a badge throwing the victim against the fence. >> it's very scary. i have kids comes with very ar
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early this morning. the victim was walking home. investigators say the robber drove up and a black dodge charger with maryland tax, wallet,he victim's and's that away. >> -- and sped away. tim: the attacks happened a few miles north of the usually busy columbia heights. wallet, and's thatthere are no cameras e robbery happened and detectives only have a big description of the suspect. >> very scary. tim: if the real police officers catch the suspect, he will be charged with robbery and impersonating a police officer. reporting in northwest washington, tim barber, abc 7 news. a civil: new at 11:00, war reenactment in frederick county evacuated after a suspicious package was found. april were taken to a nearby elementary school as authorities scanned the area. nobody was hurt. a threat was made ag
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cedar creek battlefield earlier the week, prompting increased security. we had some nice clearing this afternoon. this evening, we have one little weather.he that is faulk, developing right now near culpeper, warrenton, madison county. the fog really hanging in for a good portion of the morning. fog stickinge around probably until late morning. if you are going to church service or open about early on, get an earlier start. the temperatures are pretty good, pretty mild evening. sticking around probably until late morning. low to mid 60's across the area, the temperatures dropping about 10 degrees by the morning. down into the 50's and some areas, with a very light wind to start the day tomorrow. for the afternoon, warm breeze
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s, southwesterly. the highest temperature in the next 10 days coming your way tomorrow. been a roller coaster in temperatures. we will be down in the 30's in some areas next week. i will show you when and how low some of your neighborhoods could get coming up. kimberly: veronica, thank you. dozens of people are still in the hospital in las vegas after the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. a third of those remained in critical condition two weeks after gunman stephen paddock rained bullets over the country music festival, killing 58. one of those of the hospital is maryland woman tina frost. tonight we have some positive news to share. her family says she is making progress, breathing on her own. q mccray is on double duty tonight and earlier attended a fundraiser held for tina. q: talk about a huge
11:58 pm
in gambrills. they are calling the fundraiser to auction off things like this coach bag, and this is all for tina frost, one of the hundreds of victims of the vegas shooting that happened just a couple weeks ago. she was at the country music concert when she was shot in the forehead. she is taking huge strides in her recovery. she took her first apps and is doing better than before. this is raising awareness for her mounting medical bills. her friends from high school who organize this did an outstanding job. >> we love tina and we want to keep showing our support for her and cannot wait for her to wake up and hear and see all the love. >> it's great knowing we are
11:59 pm
surreal, the whole situation, but anything we can do to help. q: the fundraiser may be over with, but visit our website,, and you will find out how to make a donation. that's the latest from gambirlls. q mccray, abc 7 news. kimberly: now the grim california wildfires, spreading destruction the past six days. the death toll stands at 38. some fires are nearly 58% contained. today, new mandatory evacuations. about 100,000 people have been told to leave their homes. acres have20,000 been charred, 6000 homes and businesses damaged or destroyed, more than 9000 firefighters battling the flames. one woman has an unusual and upsetting story. she survived the las vegas mass shooting,
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her home burned down. >> it is very surreal. you look at the house and you just cannot -- it does not register. kimberly: she says her house was not under an evacuation order. for the latest of elements, download the abc 7 news app. it is free. just search wjla in the app store or google play. new information about the captivity and rescue of the couple and their three children held hostage by the tele-band for five years. the family is home in ontario, canada. the man confirmed his wife was raped. she was pregnant when they were kidnapped back in 2012. her husband said captors killed their baby. >> the stupidity and the evil


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